Virtual Ideation Workshop

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Virtual Ideation Workshop

£1,950.00 ex VAT

The main goal of a virtual ideation session is to spark innovation. Lateral thinking is key, and the focus is on quantity rather than the quality of ideas. The ideas generated in an ideation workshop aren’t evaluated until later on, so participants are free to explore novel ideas without getting hung up on whether or not they are plausible. This judgment-free aspect is critical to running a successful ideation workshop!

In a nutshell:

  • Ideation workshops introduce new stimuli: it’s important to choose a location outside of your normal working space.
  • Ideation is all about coming up with as many ideas as possible — at this stage, it doesn’t matter if they’re technically feasible or not!
  • Ideation workshops are a judgement-free zone: participants must feel free to explore and share novel ideas.

3 reviews for Virtual Ideation Workshop

  1. Terry Fawkes

    There were two or three new ideas and probably a dozen ideas that we had penciled down but did not have the grunt to take any further. We have had them written down and we have talked about before, but we didn’t know where to find any more information about it. So, the session sort of redesigned on a whole lot of dormant ideas.
    I would recommend others to get a list of your questions ready beforehand, so you’re not as unprepared as we were. But go for it! Good to know any idea that you may have had, and you’ve dismissed it, you never know where it’ll lead you. But I can see this session doubling our revenue by adding an extra leg off the side of the business.

  2. Roly Dowell

    I thought the session went well and you obviously had somewhat of a system you might say to track the information.
    It was seriously valuable because if you don’t know something, you don’t have any energy to go down that path and I reckon that was key.

  3. Alistair Simpson

    I’ve been following Innovolo a bit last year and found your approach very interesting. Because innovation has been something that in our market it seems that we are a little bit stuck. So we thought it would be a great idea to actually bounce some ideas off a team of professionals who are used to it.
    It was very refreshing to speak with people that were throwing up ideas that we hadn’t even considered or just a completely different perspective on what we were doing. So, I found that was very good. I just think is that Innovolo just seems to be a company that’s a little bit ahead of the game and we just want to see what see what you could offer.
    During the session, I’d say, between 10 and 15, tangible ideas. Some of them, I would say would be ground-breaking. I’d say some were good ideas, but probably wouldn’t turn the needle an awful lot for the business. But there is one or two suggestions I think would definitely make a big difference.
    To those considering an ideation workshop with Innovolo, I’d say go for it! You’d be surprised what might come out of it. We just didn’t know and in one sense is definitely a great start. Don’t you don’t know what might come of it. It’s good, there’s certain aspects to it that I found that if we had been a bit more prepared, we could have brought more to the table. It sort of took us a little bit of unawares, but apart from that was good.I would recommend others to get a list of your questions ready beforehand, so you’re not as unprepared as we were.

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