[Webinar Recording] How Generosity Breeds Innovation, with April Shprintz

How Generosity Breeds Innovation Webinar Recording - How to Embed the Generosity Culture into Your Innovation Strategy


Euan Pallister
Well hello, and welcome everybody. I’m Euan Pallister, the commercial director here at Innovolo. Today we have with us, firstly, April Shprintz. April has spent over two decades driving growth for companies of every kind started off as a staff sergeant in the Air Force going right through and then into the corporate world, where she specialised in sales, operations and marketing. Her work has generated over $1 billion in combined additional revenue. Today, she teaches entrepreneurs and leaders like yourselves how to accelerate their businesses.

With us today, we also have Bradley Pallister, who is the … Read More »

[Webinar Recording] Escaping the HiPPO webinar with Dave Roby

[Webinar Recording] Escaping the HiPPO webinar with Dave Roby


Introduction Video
Here in the heart of sub-Saharan Africa, we find one of the most dangerous mammals on the earth today, the hippopotamus amphibious, a very rotund fellow Indeed, the hippo spends most of his time submerged to keep his skin moist and cool. Although hippos can’t actually swim, they simply glide through the water pushing themselves off other objects. And while, hippos are social beasts, loitering in schools of 10 to 30 of both males and females. They are very aggressive, incredibly dangerous. Sporting large teeth, and tusks that are used for fighting off anything considered a threat. … Read More »

[Webinar Recording] Innovation Misconceptions and How to Make Serious Money from R&D

Innovation Misconceptions, and How You Can Make Serious Money from R&D

Euan Pallister: Well, hello, and a very warm welcome to this next event hosted by Innovolo. My name is Euan Pallister. I’m one of the directors here at Innovolo, and I have the privilege today to introduce to you firstly, Karen Macfadden. Karen is an Associate Director at the Catax Group. And we offer her a warm welcome and are really looking forward to the expertise and the experience that she will be bringing to this event for your benefit. Secondly, I’ll introduce my colleague, Bradley Pallister, who is also a director here at Innovolo who will be discussing some … Read More »

[Webinar Recording] How to Perfect the Art of Idea Generation, and Turning Ideas into Value

How to Perfect the Art of Idea Generation, and Turning Ideas into Value

Euan Pallister: Well, it’s now 3:30. And so, warm welcome, and hello to everyone that’s joined today. Some really, really insightful information is going to come out of this event. So, make sure you have your notebooks at the ready. Just a very brief introduction to those of you who may be new here and are wondering who on earth we are. Innovolo is a company of people who will accelerate your new product development with a clear and accurate picture of the return on investment and the peace of mind that the new product and the budget will meet … Read More »

[Webinar Recording] Ready, Set, Grow with Innovation with Roy Newey

Ready, Set, Grow with Innovation with Roy Newey

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Euan: Welcome! And hello to everyone here today.  Most of you would have likely joined for one reason: you want to innovate or have a new product idea, but something is stopping you. That something is highly likely to be fear of the unknown and unknown and understandably so. Today we bring to you ready, set grow a webinar with the renowned speaker and business coach Roy Newey.

There are attendees from Great Britain to Australia and most places in between attending today. In fact, I believe the numbers registered on onto … Read More »

[Webinar Recording] Escaping the Dragon: Diversifying Supply Chains Out of China

Escaping the Dragon - Diversifying Your Supply Chain Out of China

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Euan Pallister: “Welcome and good day everybody.

We’re excited to have you here for this exclusive event with Michael Wallace on “Escaping the Dragon: Diversifying Your Supply Chain Out of China”. We’ve got attendees from all around the world tuning in today. So a very warm welcome to you all, whatever the time of the day or night it might be, wherever you are.

My name is Euan Pallister and I’ll be your host for this event. Joining us live from Kansas USA is Michael Wallace, the renowned global executive business coach, … Read More »

[Webinar Recording] How to use COVID-19 to Jumpstart Innovation in Your Business

Webinar with Mark Wardell of Wardell International and Bradley Pallister of Innovolo Ltd How to Use COVID-19 To Jumpstart Innovation in Your Business


Clare: Hello everybody, good afternoon and thank you so much for joining us today. We’re going to be talking about how to use COVID -19 to jumpstart innovation in your business. My name is Clare Forestier, I’m an independent host and emcee and I’m really excited actually to be moderating today’s session for innovative product development and design services company.

We’ve got really fascinating presentations and conversations coming up in the next hour. Obviously you’re going to be commenting in the chat about the things that you hear and the things that you’ve got to say around the subject … Read More »