How Your R&D Team Can Have The Most Successful Ideation Session

How Your R&D Team Can Have The Most Successful Ideation Session

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How Your R&D Team Can Have The Most Successful Ideation Session

Ideation requires us to look at the world in a way we aren’t used to.

We even have to generate ideas we don’t usually think of. In fact, sometimes we have to do things that seem outright impossible.

The “You have to break some eggs to make an omelette” phenomenon is something that we all experience in our lives. It is the cognitive overburdening of having so much on your plate that you start short-cutting processes. The solutions that you take for granted become obsolete and unexpectedly fail, as you have already exhausted their limitations and possibilities over time.

We all fall into the trap of using patterns to solve problems. We all stick to familiar grounds and use the same recipes. This reduces the cognitive load.

The best ideas are always the result of doing something counter to the norm. The challenge is separating ourselves from what we’re used to and that’s why it’s so important to be aware of our own methods and regularly question them.

Experts and novices alike need to be aware of their own thinking in order to generate fresh ideas. Ideation is the process of generating, developing, selecting, and realizing ideas to bring them to life. The act of being self-aware and having a purpose to adopt some of the following characteristics will help them generate a diverse range of unconventional ideas:


  • Be able to switch how you see, understand, and extend thinking as new ideas are generated.  Adapting to change is like getting a free pass; it’s an opportunity to grow and expand. It’s an opportunity to try new things.
    Adaptability: The New Competitive Advantage


  • Be able to connect seemingly unrelated concepts, attributes, or themes in order to create new possibilities and opportunities.  Creativity is a process involving imagination, a sense of playfulness, and the ability to make connections between things that may seem unrelated.
    Playfulness and creativity


  • Be able to overturn commonly held beliefs, assumptions, or norms in order to re-think conventional approaches. If you can re-think it, we can improve it. Imagine the possibilities.


  • When things go wrong, flip them! Turn dead-ends into opportunities. If you find yourself in a deadlock, move quickly to a more viable position.

Dreaming and Imagining: 

  • Imagining a new picture of reality helps us to fill the gaps between our wants and the reality of the world. Our imagination helps us to see things that are not immediately in front of us. Without imagination, we would be unable to create new things or imagine a reality in a different way.


  • Experiment with bold ideas. Brew up a crazy-delicious concoction of ingredients that no one has ever seen combined before. It’s possible they might turn out to be downright revolting, but you won’t know until you try. So be adventurous. Be brave. Do things you’ve never done before, things you don’t even know how to do.

Recognise Patterns: 

  • Seek to spot common threads of meaning, and ways of seeing, doing, and behaving; be able to recognise attributes or shared values across a spectrum of influence and input, and finally be able to utilize these commonalities to build solutions.  Babies don’t come with manuals, so parents have to find ways to walk through problems.


  • Be willing to ask uncomfortable, silly, or even crazy questions. What do you get if you cross an elephant with a rhino?  Be willing to explore and experience, in order to understand and learn something new and different.


Ideation Will Help You:

  • take boring, complicated concepts and turn them into fun, creative ideas. With a compelling focus on the user, we can generate impactful insights guaranteed to help make the next product blow everyone away.
  • Come up with less obvious solutions so that you can beat the competition.
  • To view the world from a different perspective – an alternate reality where problems are not problems but opportunities waiting to be seized.
  • See perspectives, hidden strengths, and common ground between your team members.
  • Innovate by looking at your business with a fresh pair of eyes – or sixteen. It will help you discover unexpected areas of innovation that you never thought possible.
  • Create volume and variety in your innovation options. We’ll help you come up with a few ideas that are super-fun, super-cool, and super-doable.
  • Get clear about what matters to you. We combine creativity, strategy, and a bit of magic to steer you past your limitations, and past the obvious.


Everyone has ideas, but not everyone knows how to get them out of their head or write them down.

Brainstorming gets your ideas out by building upon others and writing counterpoints to individual thoughts. Not only that, but it also creates competition for who can come up with the best idea. Good idea + good idea = best idea!

Facilitated Ideation and Brainstorming workshops with our insight specialists will help you get the absolute most from your teams. By getting past the awkwardness of just thinking aloud and into the habit of providing supporting evidence for what they say, groups are given permission to let their imaginations run wild without judgement. This process creates a space where new connections and insights are.

Ideation is for anyone. Literally. Just because you’re not the boss or the company’s dedicated R&D manager, it doesn’t mean that this isn’t for you. We find the best ideas actually come from the shop floor, warehouse, trade counter, at the sales desk… Ideation can be used throughout your product or service development pathway and is one of the main core drivers in getting your product to market. Draw together the perspectives and energies of your team. You have a diverse team. Your guys have energy. Open the taps and encourage them to participate.


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